Israeli forces demolish 3 Jerusalem houses, leaving 23 homeless | Maan News Agency

"Israeli forces regularly demolish Palestinian homes in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, usually under the pretext that the residents did not have the necessary permits.

Palestinians are rarely granted permits to build in areas under Israeli control.

According to the Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, Israeli bulldozers have destroyed 359 structures in the West Bank this year.”

Black Freedom Fighters in Ferguson: Some of us are queer

Against Carceral Feminism | Jacobin

"This carceral variant of feminism continues to be the predominant form. While its adherents would likely reject the descriptor, carceral feminism describes an approach that sees increased policing, prosecution, and imprisonment as the primary solution to violence against women.

This stance does not acknowledge that police are often purveyors of violence and that prisons are always sites of violence. Carceral feminism ignores the ways in which race, class, gender identity, and immigration status leave certain women more vulnerable to violence and that greater criminalization often places these same women at risk of state violence.”

Modi and Religious Minorities, Dalits, and Adivasis.

"Modi’s recent announcement of plans to bring about “banking for the poor” has been promoted as a bold step towards addressing poverty. “Financial inclusion” has been the buzzword describing plans to enable the most disenfranchised to open and administer bank accounts, and avail of financial services such as an ATM card, credit, and receive direct government aid instead of through intermediaries. While this does appear to represent an important concession for the “poor” there are serious problems to consider. First, 93% of India’s workforce is largely informal, including contract labor, construction labor (78% unorganized), casual labor, manufacturing labor, sweepers and scavengers, shop workers, and agricultural workers (predominantly unorganized). Second, India’s population is overwhelmingly impoverished, with more than 800 million living on less than Rs. 20 per day. The official minimum wage remains as low as Rs.115 ($2)/day. With such low wages and without protection from clearly regulated banking legislation the means for maintaining a functioning bank account are non-existent."

Youth Are on the Frontlines in Ferguson, and They Refuse to Back Down | The Nation

"The night before, at a Cardinals post-season baseball game, angry fans hurled racist insults at protesters while cheering for Darren Wilson. "White people are terrified in this town," a white couple volunteering for the march told me plainly.

At one particularly low point, I was refused service at Ferguson Brewhouse, a restaurant down the street from the Ferguson police department. We were told there was no way we could place an order, as the kitchen was closed (food orders were taken and went out to several other people in the restaurant after we were denied).”

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